Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee shall be responsible for addressing the academic and educational concerns of students, both inside and outside the classroom, and for representing the study body by addressing student academic concerns to the university administration.  


Cavalier Education Program

Student Council is offering you the chance to create a totally new course – your own – with the CavEd Program. Take a look; your course could appear on SIS!

The Cavalier Education Program, listed as ‘Student-Initiated Courses’ on SIS, is a Student Council initiative that allows UVa students to create and teach their own CR/NC courses to their peers. The goal of the CavEd program is to give students the opportunity to take charge of their academic experience – to allow them to share their passion for and knowledge of subjects outside the traditional curriculum.

The CavEd program is run by the Academic Affairs Committee of Student Council. In addition to facilitating the program, committee members review all CavEd applications and make recommendations to the INST subject area faculty, ensuring the role of student self-governance in the program