Ellie Brasacchio

The President shall be responsible for representing the views and concerns of the Student Body to the University administration and the community, and for leading efforts to improve student life and resolve student grievances.


Vice President for Administration

Ellen Yates


Vice President for Organizations

Shefalika PRasad

The Vice-President for Organizations shall be responsible for the Council’s oversight of Contracted Independent Organizations, as well as the distribution of Student Activity Fee funds and other Council resources to Contracted Independent Organizations.

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Chair of the representative body

Isabella liu

The Representative Body aims to solve student concerns and serve as your voice to the administration and across the University. This year we are working on making ourselves more available through office and pop-up hours, have more contact by reaching out to our constituents, and increasing our transparency. If we can help you in any way, please reach out to me personally, or contact the elected Representatives for your school of enrollment.

Additionally, please join us and make your voice heard out our weekly meetings, each Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Newcomb Kaleidoscope Room.


DIrector of University Relations

Matthew Foreman


Chief of Cabinet

Megha Karthikeyan