Each group will be contacted with its final allocation by the established date for the funding round. CIO’s should note that the amount of allocated funding they receive is most often less than the total of its approved expenses due to limited SAF funding.  It is important that CIO’s understand exactly how much money it has to spend and on what expenses:

  • Requested amounts: Organizations request Student Activities Fee funding through Student Council through line-item expenditures. These requests should accurately reflect the needs of the organizations as well the actual costs of the requested expenditures, supported by price verification. The Appropriations committee will review requested funding.

  • Approved amounts: SAF funding is distributed on a line-item basis. The Committee will evaluate every itemized expenditure by the SAF Guidelines and apply standardized cuts as appropriate. Approved amounts take into consideration past SAF purchases by the organization, less expensive alternative prices for similar expenses, the total amount requested, standard committee rates, and other factors. The committee designates the approved amount of each line-item on the returned budget sheet. This amount signifies how much SAF money Student Council thinks it is appropriate for the organization to utilize for that expense; it does not indicate how much money the organization will receive to spend. The approved amounts on the budget are not finalized until the funding request is officially approved by the Appropriations Committee and the CIO is notified. An organization will not be reimbursed beyond the approved amount for an expenditure. It may request a reallocation of approved funds.

  • Allocated funding: The actual amount of funding that an organization is given to spend appears on the atUVA platform and is sent as an email to the CIO upon official approval of the request. This amount is calculated by summing the approved amounts from the returned budget and applying across-the-board cuts to achieve the amount of funding available to give out during that round of funding. The allocated amount is almost always lower than the total approved amount on the budget sheet. Total spending by the CIO may not exceed this amount.

Organizations will have to make decisions about how they will spend their allocated funding. For example, if a CIO is allocated $500 to spend but is approved $350 for Expenditure A and approved $425 for Expenditure B, it might choose to:

  • Spend $350 on Expenditure A and $150 on Expenditure B; or

  • Spend $425 on Expenditure B and $75 on Expenditure A; or

  • Divide the SAF funding any way between Expenditures A and B without exceeding $500 or the approved amount of either one.