All allocations to students from SAF are subject to applicable restrictions as established by the Board of Visitors, the Student Activities Committee, and Student Council. The following activities are not allowed to be funded using SAF funds:

  1. Honoraria, gifts for speakers, or similar expenses

  2. Religious activity

  3. Social entertainment or related expenses

  4. Philanthropic contributions and activity

  5. Political activity

  6. Activities which would jeopardize the University’s tax-exempt status

  7. Food and food­-related expenditures

  8. Fundraising activities

  9. Items that can be reserved through the Student Activities Center

  10. Activities not occurring during the academic year

  11. Postage-related expenses

  12. Space reservations for programs that could be held on-Grounds without charge

  13. Technological equipment

  14. Supplies to paint Beta Bridge

  15. T-­shirts, uniforms, and clothing that are personalized or kept by individuals

  16. Travel to competitions beyond reasonable distance and transporting more members than necessary

  17. Bank charges

  18. Arbitrary allowances for inflation

  19. Awards for members

  20. Parking ­related expenses

  21. Paid wages or salaries

  22. Reimbursement for Student Council’s Activities Fair table registration fees

  23. Insurance and security fees