If an emergency or unpredictable expense arises that is not originally budgeted for, groups can complete a reallocation requestRe­allocation allows a CIO to re­allocate any unused funds for originally budgeted items toward emergency expense.

Groups should send the Appropriations committee a copy of their approved funding request with a column added to represent the amounts they would like to reallocate from and toward the appropriate expenses. The total in Reallocation may not exceed the original approved amount, and CIO’s may not spend more than their actual funding allocation. All Reallocation requests must be approved by Student Council. All re­allocations are subject to the VPO’s discretion.  No SAF-ineligible expenditures will be funded.  Funds cannot be reallocated from one round to another.

If an organization would like to reallocate approved amounts from one expenditure to another, the financial officer must:

  1. Download the approved budget document from atUVA.

  2. Add a “Reallocated” column to the expenditure request spreadsheet.

  3. Enter the desired reallocated values in new column.

  4. Email with the reallocation request attached, including your CIO name and which funding round you would like to reallocate.

Reallocations are at the discretion of Student Council. Reallocated amounts may not exceed the amount originally requested. All reallocations must be requested at least ten days before the deadline of the appropriate funding round.