Other Budgeting Guidelines

Guest Speaker Expenses

  • $0.35 per mile travel by car

  • $100 per night lodging (per room)

  • $20 per day for food

  • Flights for guest speakers will be funded at the discretion of Student Council.

Member Travel Expenses

CIO’s whose main function does not require travel are limited to one major travel request per semester (any request in travel over $500). Expenses included for travel request include lodging, gas, airfare, and all expenses related to the event.

In general, no more than four organization members should travel to the same event or conference supported by SAF except for the major travel request. Exceptions are possible for groups for which travel is essential to the function and purpose of the groups, such as competitive teams. However, these groups will be reimbursed at a rate of four persons per vehicle and four persons per room.

  • $0.20 per mile travel by car or bus per four persons

  • Travel less than 100 miles is expected to be absorbed by the CIO and will not be funded.

  • $75 per day per rental car midsize sedan or $100 per day per rental car passenger van when approved at discretion of Student Council.

  • $100 per night lodging (per room of four)

  • Food will not be funded.

All airfare requests must be supported by actual quotes from the airline or travel agency. Funding for airfare is subject to the following standards. Airfare to destinations under 300 miles from the University will not be funded.

NOTE: Notwithstanding the previous standards, a request for airfare reimbursement will be subject as all line ­item requests and thus may not be funded at all.


Region of Destination                      Maximum SAF Contribution

Southeast                                                                     $200

Northeast                                                                     $200

Midwest                                                                       $275

Southwest                                                                    $275

West                                                                             $350

International                                                             $425

Office Supplies

Envelopes (box of 100): ­ $1.00 Scissors 8” (1): ­ $3.00
Glue (7 5/8 oz): ­ $1.00 Expo Markers (pack of 4): ­ $4.00
Hole Punch: ­ $1.00 Stapler (1): ­ $6.00
Paper Clips (box of 200): ­ $0.90 Staples (5000): ­ $1.20
Pencils (20): ­ $1.80 Scotch Tape (1): ­ $1.00
Pens (10): ­ $1.00 Tape Dispenser (1): ­ $2.00
Post­It Notes (package of 6): ­ $4.00 Whiteout (2): ­ $1.50
Rubber bands (1 bag): ­ $0.60 Trifold­Board (1): ­ $8.00
Masking Tape $3.00

Publicity and Advertising Expenses

The maximum cost for publicizing and advertising that will be funded per semester is $25. SAF funding may only be applied to publicizing for an activity open to all students. It may not be applied to branding for the organization itself. CIOs are encouraged to utilize the SAF-funded printing and copying services in the Student Activities Center.