Once a funding request has been submitted, the Appropriations Committee will contact the requesting CIO’s about attending a hearing.  Hearings are approximately five to fifteen minutes in length, and will administered by a panel of Appropriations Committee members.  

During the hearing, the Appropriations Committee will gather further information to determine that requested expenses are eligible for funding and to confirm that the information presented in the request is accurate and reflects the needs of the organization. The group’s officers will have an opportunity to explain anything that may be unclear in the budget and to stress expenditures that are especially important to the group. At the Committee’s discretion, an organization may be called for additional hearings. While a CIO may not be required to attend a hearing for its funding request, the CIO may request a hearing if it chooses.

Once all the hearings are completed, the VPO and the Appropriations Committee leadership deliberate to determine the approved expenses and an allocation for each group. The VPO and Appropriations Committee leadership have discretion in postponing deliberation of any budget without notice to the group.