Glossary of Terms


APPEAL – A request made for Student Council to reconsider the approval of certain expenditures.

ALLOCATED FUNDING AMOUNT – The amount of funding available for an organization to spend.

APPROVED FUNDING AMOUNT – The amount of funding approved for a given line-item expenditure, representing the maximum amount of allocated funding that may be theoretically spent on that item. It does not represent how much funding is actually available to spend.

AWARDS – Any items that are given to individuals.

BANK CHARGES – Monthly bank service charges. All CIO’s are eligible to receive a free checking accounts by receiving a Bank Fee Waiver form from VPSAO-Finance.

CIO CENSUS – An annual questionnaire to that all CIO’s must complete to provide information about their membership, activities, and financial need.

CO­-CURRICULAR ORGANIZATION – A CIO that provides opportunities outside the classroom setting for student to apply classroom theory and/or to acquire knowledge, experience and/or skills.

COMPETITIVE ORGANIZATION – An organization for whom participating in competitions is an essential part of its stated mission.

CULTURAL ACTIVITY ­– An activity which promotes understanding, identify and/or the celebration of the heritage of a specific racial, ethnic, or affinity group. Although the heritage of a racial, ethnic or affinity group may be closely intertwined with the group’s religious tradition, this definition is not intended to make eligible for funding religious activities which primarily promote or manifest a particular belief or beliefs in or about a deity or an ultimate reality.

CULTURAL ORGANIZATION – A CIO that is primarily concerned with studying, promoting, and/or expressing racial, ethnic, or affinity group traditions, social forms, art, and/or tastes.

EQUIPMENT – Equipment purchases involving SAF are intended for the long-­term benefit of the organization. The SAF is not for the personal benefit of the organization’s officers or for the other improper uses.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR – The cost of maintaining and repairing any equipment.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCE – An unforeseen expense that is essential to the continued operation of a CIO, if approved by Student Council Appropriation Committee.

FUNDING REQUEST FORM – The informational document that organizations must complete in order to receive funding in a given round.

FUNDRAISING – The organized activity of raising funds. Fundraising expenses are expected to be paid from the proceeds of the particular event. These expenses include film rental, facility rental, advertising, printing and copying, and any other expenses related to fundraising.

FUNDABLE EXPENSES – These are any expenses that are eligible to be funded by SAF money. Almost all expenses are fundable. Some exceptions are any expenses related to political, religious, social, or fundraising activities.

GUEST SPEAKER – An individual invited to give a speech.

FUNDABLE EXPENSES – Expenses that are eligible to be funded by SAF money.

HOBBY ORGANIZATION – A CIO that primarily pursues an activity for relaxation, recreation, or entertainment.

HONORARIUM – A payment for services on which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set. Examples include honoraria for speakers.

INELIGIBLE – Not qualified to receive SAF funds. The most common reasons for declaring a group ineligible for funding are the failure to qualify is one of the eleven categories of student groups determined to be eligible to receive SAF or if the group is judged to be fiscally irresponsible. In declaring a group ineligible, Student Council declares that the group does not meet the guidelines or standards, regardless of need. A group may also be considered temporarily ineligible for funding if it does not meet the necessary requirements and deadlines for requesting funding.

NON-FUNDABLE EXPENSES – Expenses that are not eligible to be covered by SAF funds.

PHILANTHROPIC – Dispensing or receiving aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purpose (e.g. a foundation). Philanthropic activities that have a mandatory fee that contributes to a donation are non-fundable. Events with an optional donation aspect that primarily seek to raise awareness may be eligible for funding.

POLITICAL ACTIVITY – An activity related to: (1) lobbying the principal purpose of which is to influence the passage or defeat of specific legislation, and/or (2) electioneering which encompasses participation or intervention in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. These restrictions on funding political activities are not intended to preclude funding of any otherwise eligible student organization which: (1) advocates, as an incidental or insubstantial part of its activities, the adoption or rejection of legislation; (2) engages in nonpartisan analysis, study, or research, and makes the results available to the public, or (3) espouses particular positions or ideological viewpoints, including those that may be unpopular or are not generally accepted, or that may coincidentally be prominently held by particular political parties or political candidates.

POLITICAL ORGANIZATION – An organization primarily devoted to political discussion or debate and the organization of meetings to further such interests, and which in advancing such general social and educational interests through its membership does not uses SAF funding for political activity as defined herein.

RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY – The organized worship of a deity, divine power, or supernatural entity, whether or not such activity is consistent with the precepts of an organized denomination. No student news, information, opinion, entertainment or academic communications media group shall be considered to be engaging in religious activity merely because it expresses ideas or viewpoints that are religious in nature. Resolved, the SAF funding guidelines be amended to include the following languages: Notwithstanding any other provision of these SAF funding guidelines, no student news, information, opinion, entertainment or academic communications media group shall be deemed ineligible for funding on the grounds that the ideas or viewpoints expressed or advocated by such group are religious in nature or because such group primarily promotes or manifests a particular belief(s) in or about a deity or an ultimate reality.

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION – An organization primarily devoted to religious discussion or debate and the organization of meetings to further such interests, and which in advancing such general social and educational interests in a secular context through its membership does not use SAF funding for religious activity as defined herein.

REQUESTED FUNDING AMOUNT – The amount of money included on the funding request form. This amount should reflect the need of the organization.

RESTRICTED FUNDS – SAF cannot be used to reimburse organizations for expenses made from other restricted funds. For example, if an organization receives a grant or contribution from non­-SAF sources that have its use restricted to paying for printing a booklet or brochure, the organization should not request reimbursement from the Student Activities allocation for these expenses.

SAF – The Student Activities Fund. This is the pool from which student groups receive allocations. The SAF is drawn from the Student Activities Fee assessed to all full-time, fee-paying University students each semester. (It should be noted that SAF is also used to abbreviate Student Activities Fee. It is generally acceptable to use the terms interchangeably.)

SALARIES – Fixed compensation paid regularly for services.

SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT OR RELATED EXPENSES – Activities that may be participated in by members of the organization that are not necessary to the stated mission of the organization, such as group bonding or social engagements.

TAX­-EXEMPT – Exempted from a tax; bearing interest that is free from federal or state income tax.

WAGES – A payment, usually of money, for labor or services, according to a contract or an hourly, daily or piecework basis.