Greek-letter social organizations or societies must pursue Fraternal Organization Agreement (FOA) status to be in relationship with the University. They do not qualify for CIO status. Although not an exhaustive list, Greek-letter social organizations meet the following criteria:

  • The primary purpose of the organization is social in nature, and may include a core component of cultural/identity connection.

  • The organization is not primarily professional or academic in purpose, mission, or affiliation (i.e., professional or academic fraternities/sororities and honor societies).

  • The organization utilizes a Recruitment/Rush/Intake process to select new members.

  • The organization employs formal sisterhood/brotherhood (or equivalent) terminology when describing its individual members as well as its membership network.

  • The organization is a member of a national governing body (e.g. fraternity/sorority national headquarters) and/or has a formally structured alumni organizational base (e.g., House Corporation Board)

In all cases, Student Council and the Office of the Dean of Students will make the final determination regarding a student organization’s classification as a CIO or FOA.