Meet the Chair!  Ben Radomsky

Meet the Chair! Ben Radomsky

Buildings and Grounds

The Mission of the Buildings and Grounds Committee consists of three points:

  1. To ensure the preservation and production of buildings and landscapes which help to cultivate the full, vibrant type of life we seek at UVA.

  2. To ensure that our historic core can continue to evolve honestly and freely to meet the needs of the modern world, without losing its rare sense of place.

  3. To ensure that our built environment and our natural environment are not at odds with each other, and that we care for each with equal regard.


Labeling the Trees of the Lawn

Inspired by precedents in botanical gardens and at the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, we are looking into the feasibility of having the trees of the Lawn labeled.  These simple accessories would add a rich layer of information to the Lawn, allowing the landscape itself to function as an educational tool for the community.

Ivy Corridor Improvements

In anticipation of the upcoming redevelopment of the Ivy Road Corridor and its intersection with Emmet Street and University Avenue, we are working on ensuring that student representatives will be included in discussions of the coming proposals and planning decisions.

Beekeeping on Grounds

We are in the beginning stages of investigating the possibility of introducing beekeeping to Grounds, either in the Gardens framing the Lawn or in coordination with the UVA Community Garden.  For their environmental beneficence and the honey they produce, we view bees as a valuable potential supplement to the landscapes we inhabit.

Nau Hall Usability

Responding to student feedback, we are currently investigating potential insertions/modifications that could improve the convenience and effectiveness of Nau Hall’s common spaces.  Possible improvements include the introduction of standing desks, as well as shared extension cords.