Appropriations Schedule

Semi­-annual Rounds

There is one Semi-annual round for each academic semester. A CIO will submit a single funding request for expenses that occur throughout the entire semester.

  • Groups that apply for Semi-annual funding forfeit the opportunity to request money during Rolling Rounds in the same semester.

  • The Semi-annual Round is designed for CIO’s that can predict their expenses throughout the entire semester in advance. It is often used by older CIO’s or CIO’s that are competitive in nature.

  • CIO’s that receive Semi-annual funding are eligible for Contingency Funding for emergency or unpredictable expenses. Contingency Funding is not guaranteed and reserved for rare expenses that could not have been anticipated or were not eligible for funding at the time of Semi-annual Round.  CIO’s must contact Student Council to inquire about their eligibility for Contingency Funding.

  • CIO’s have 60 days from the date of the invoice or cash receipt of an approved expense to turn in requests for payment and/or reimbursement. If there are fewer than 60 days remaining before the Semi­Annual deadline, the payment/reimbursement must be submitted by the established deadline found on the Appropriations Calendar.

Rolling Rounds

There are three Rolling Rounds held at intervals throughout the semester. A CIO may participate in as many or as few Rolling Rounds as they would like.

  • Rolling Rounds are designed for CIO’s that are programmatic in nature that may not be able to plan far enough in advance for Semi-annual funding.

  • CIO’s only have to apply for the Rounds in which they need funding.

  • CIO’s that apply for Rolling Round funding do not qualify for Contingency Funding for unpredicted expenses. However, these CIO’s are eligible to re­allocate any un­used allocated funds up toward these unpredicted expenses.

  • Groups have 60 days from the date of the email of their allocation to request payment reimbursement. If a Rolling Round’s reimbursement deadline is fewer than 60 days from the date of the allocation email, the payment/reimbursement requests must be submitted by the established deadline for that particular Rolling Round.