The vast majority of SAF funding is reimbursement-based. The VPSAO-Finance Office, not Student Council, processes all reimbursements. Organizations can reach them at:


Phone: 434-924-8977

Address: 1 Poe Alley, Charlottesville, VA 22904

Purchase Request Form

The Purchase Request is the means by which CIO gets access to their SAF Allocations. This is different from the Funding Request, and requires specific documentation than not required on the funding request. It is recommended that only the organization’s treasurer, financial officer, or an individual designated by the organization, should submit the purchase requests. If you are that person but find that you need to ask another member of your CIO to help with these requests, please make sure they have the proper computer access in @UVA, and also make sure they are familiar with all of the following policies and procedures.

The Purchase Request form is on @UVA under the organization’s page. You choose “manage organization”, then select the Finance Section. When filling out the purchase request you will be asked to add a brief description of what expenditures for which you are seeking reimbursement.  You will also be asked to list a payee.

Payees and Payment Options

The payee can be a person, or an entity. If you wish to have the money paid directly to the club, you can simply type the name of your CIO. You normally do not need to add any other information than the name or your organization, however If your organization uses an alumni hall account, please note that in your description.

If the request is for a CIO reimbursement, a direct payment of the reimbursable amount is made payable to the organization only if the CIO is a registered vendor. Please check with the Finance Office to make sure your CIO is registered to receive direct payments. If the organization is not a registered vendor, the treasurer or president of the organization will need to choose an individual member to be the payee.

Payments to UVA students will be asked to include their 9-digit Student ID number. Most students have two delivery address listed for payment options: A Permanent and Local Site. Permanent Sites are linked to the same bank account that pays for your tuition, and has the mailing address of your none UVA address. The local site will usually have either a bank account, and the address will be your address during the academic year. To avoid confusion, make sure your SIS information is up to date, and that you know what bank accounts are linked to what addresses.  If you are not sure where your payment will be delivered, you may request a “Hold For Pickup” which will result in a physical check that will be sent to the Finance Office. Once the check arrives in the office, the team will email the payee or financial officer. Organizations based in and around North Grounds may request additional delivery options by request. All physical checks will expire after 6 months.

Purchase Orders: A Direct Payment to a Vendor

Although SAF allocations are mostly in the form of reimbursements, direct payment from UVA to a vendor on behalf of your organization is an option especially used for large dollar purchases of which the organization would not have the funds to purchase upfront. When choosing this option, please contact the finance office to make sure the company is a registered vendor to before agreeing to a purchase. With enough planning, even if they are not currently a vendor, the finance team may be able to work with the company to help them apply to become a registered vendor in enough time to still make a purchase using SAF. Once the company becomes a registered vendor, the Company’s Name would go in the “payee” field. A quote from the vendor would be uploaded as documentation. The payment amount will only be issued up to the SAF allocation for that specific item or cost. Any remaining balance will be the responsibility of the organization.

Students and UVA employees are already considered “registered vendors”. However, individuals not already affiliated with UVA will also need to register as a vendor. This process will take 3 – 5 business days. To avoid undue delay of payment to vendors, please have them register as a vendor before any extensive plans or agreements are made.

Here are links to:

Register as a vendor:

Set-up Direct deposit:  (Students and Employees do not need to register or add direct deposit)

Prepayments or deposits

When requesting payment to a guest speaker, artist, or entertainer, please make it clear that UVA will not pay an individual before services are rendered. If there is a need to prepay a vendor for goods and/or services, the organization’s treasurer must contact VPSAO-Finance at least 30 days in advance to make the necessary accommodations. Any prepayment request with less than 30 days’ notice cannot be guaranteed.
If you feel that your group is in a situation that could be considered an exception to any of these policies, please reach to the Finance Office to setup an appointment to discuss your situation.

“In Review” Stage and Documentation Requirements

The final step before submitting a purchase request is to upload all relevant documentation. Each expenditure must be supported by definitive, verifiable documentation. Purchase requests that need additional documentation will be marked as being in the “In Review” stage, and an email will be sent to the financial officer to explain what else is needed. Purchase Requests still marked as “In Review” by the submission deadline without an extension will be canceled.

Before finally submitting a purchase request, be sure to look over your documentation, and check to see if it answers these few questions:

  1. How much does the service / goods cost?

    This can be shown by attaching a quote from a vendor, confirmation emails or communication, or invoices / bills. Anything stating the goods or services, along with a price is acceptable. If the price is not in USD, please also include proof of the exchange rate.

  2. Did you attend the event? Were the goods delivered? Were the services provided?

    This would include proof that the exchange of goods or services was completed. This would not require a price, but would include specific documentation like package slips, boarding passes, event programs, placement in a competition, or receipts that give reference to a specific location.

  3. Can you prove that you no longer have the funds for which you are seeking reimbursement?

This is what is often referred to as “Proof of payment”. This would include bank statements showing the amount debited from a bank account. This may include a written statement signed by a vendor accepting your cash payment. If you include an invoice, it must Show either a Zero Balance or at least reflect the payment that you have made which is also what you are requesting reimbursement.

Additional Documentation

If there is not enough room for all of your documentation, please email the remaining documentation to the Please be sure to leave the name of your Organization along with the Purchase Request Number in the Subject Line. You may also deliver the documentation in person to the Finance Cottage at 1 Poe Alley Charlottesville, VA 22904. You can also mail documentation through the UVA Mail system to VPSAO Finance PO BOX 400335. Please note that the supporting documentation will not be returned to the CIO, so please make sure to make any needed copies before you submit.